Lane Bennion

To my eyes consumer culture has never been as appealing as it is when Lane Bennion paints it. I’m not saying I’m suddenly overcome by an urge to walk around a mall for hours, but I wouldn’t mind spending the bulk of my day going through Bennion’s extensive portfolio.

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3 Responses to “Lane Bennion”

  1. Amazing work. Taking the consumer world and making some stunning designs out of it is a real gift. Nice fresh application of the paint. Inspiring! Thanks for posting.

  2. Sally says:

    I dont know where you are digging up these great painters, but keep digging them up. Lane Bennion’s work is a treat for the eyes not to mention impressive. thanks for posting.

  3. Paul Kiesche says:

    I can’t get over these paintings. I have no care about the subject matter and yet they are so beautiful, colorful, bright and fun.

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