Paintblog has been established to spread word (and image) of all the great art that can be found online.  Don’t live in a city full of galleries?  No time for a trip to the museum?  You no longer have an excuse to not immerse yourself in the vast quantities of amazing work being created around the world.  The internet is bringing that work directly to you, and it is Paintblog’s intention to help you sort through it all.

The first sorting step has been the decision to focus on the websites of contemporary painters, of which there are many. This is a somewhat arbitrary decision, based mostly on the fact that painting is the medium I’ve chosen to work in myself. I hope you enjoy finding great paintings here every weekday.

Want to know a bit more about me?  My own paintings can be found at www.ericcator.com.

Questions, comments, or concerns? Know of a great painter’s online portfolio that deserves a little attention? Feel free to email me at:

postmaster at paintblog dot ca

Thanks for stopping by!
-Eric Cator

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