Chris Cosnowski


“Is it theme week?” you ask, and I say “No, but it is another artist who finds inspiration in molded army men and creates amazing paintings as a result.”  Chris Cosnowski brings social commentary together with humour and adds a touch of irony.  He also employs some audio on the site, so turn those speakers down if you’re at work.

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2 Responses to “Chris Cosnowski”

  1. Emily B. says:

    You’ve seen Scott Waters’ work, right? Not really the same thing but the not-a-theme brought his paintings to mind.

  2. Eric says:

    Good call on the Scott Waters reference! I do enjoy his military-inspired works a whole heck of a lot. I’ve actually been meaning to do another post about him, the first was way back last March, but I’ve noticed he has a bunch of great new works on the site since then.

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