My Kid Could Paint That

Today I’m doing something a little bit different.  I’m posting about a documentary on an artist, rather than about the artist herself.  

I recently saw “My Kid Could Paint That”, a film that documents the story of a girl (Marla Olmstead) who gets international attention for her abstract paintings at the age of four.  Her work begins selling for tens of thousands of dollars, but the validity of the paintings soon comes into question when people begin suspecting her father of having a hand in creating the work.

It’s an interesting story, but the best part about the doc is that it explores conversations inside and outside of the art world regarding the value of art, and the value of abstract art in particular.  It’s worth seeing if you get the chance.

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  1. GreenRabbit says:


    Thanks to share with me the discovery of this Doc. and this is good, we can see a little whats happen behind the Art World and Gallerys.

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